Great God of Gods Lord SriVenkateswara came into existence in a " Banyan tree " of Malladi village, 9 k.m. away from pilgrimage centre Amaravathi, Guntur Dist situated on the bank of River Krishna just in order to get his splendor and glory exhibited first time ever in the history.

The story of appearance of Swami is quite amazing. It is nothing but virtue of the residents (inhabitants) of that village Malladi. The glory of Venkatesa, dwelling in the Banyan tree is enormous. (limitless) The life of devotees, getting salvation thro‟ serving Lord, is blessed.
Well…then, what is the reason for Sri Venkateswara Swami to get manifested in that Banyan tree ?

How is he, i.e. Swami is accomplishing the desires of his devotees ?
What services are being offered by devotees to him ?
How he gives the fortune of having darshan of his divine Lotus feet ?
You will get answers to this type of questions in this Website.

So…. Why delay ? Let us move forward. Please click on "Swami History " in on the top menu bar once. Also make others also to visit this website and read it. Have darshan of Shri Venketeswara Swami, appeared himself in this Banyan tree. In other words, He is a self-existent being here and … get blessed by Lord Srinivasa, inhabitant of Malladi, a place of pilgrimage.
May Lord Balaji Venkateswara shower his choicest blessings on you and your families... Govinda...Govinda...Tirumalesha...Govinda....Malladi vasaa..Govinda....

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