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Swami History

Sri Venkateswara Swami, a perceptible (visible) God of Kaliyuga is incarnation of Almighty Lord who appeared on earth just to liberate the human beings from the clutches of Samsara (the world) The actions of Sri Swami are undepictable and inexplicable. It is beyond words to narrate the greatness (glory) of Swami.

Though Lord Venkateswara settled at Anandanilaya on Seven Hills, in order to fulfill the desires of devotees, his temples are constructed in various places and daily archanas are being offered there. Swayambhu Sri Venkateswara Swamis temple, situated in a banyan tree, is one among them in Malladi village, 9 km away from Amaravathi, a well known pilgrimage, on the banks of holy river Krishna. The God of this temple is like a Kalpa Vriksha (a heavenly tree that grants any wish) fulfilling each and every desire of his desire. Thus, He proves himself as the most influenced and powerful God in this world.

 Past history:

A mountain by name “Tirumalagiri” is situated near Jaggiahpet in Krishna district. A number of Mumukshu Sages (Sages who strive for final emancipation or salvation) influenced and impressed by the natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere of this area, used to spend day and night here in penance. Maharshi Bharadwaj was one among the Seven great sages, who once visited this mountain and prayed Lord Venketeswara to appear on this hill. Impressed by his penance or meditation, Almighty God appeared in a “rocky anthill” in order to fulfill his desire. Later, Maharshi Bharadwaja spend his time in worshipping Lord Swami for few years and left for Himalayas. Subsequently, the people of nearby villages came to Swami with devotion and dedication, started worshipping. In this manner, Lord has become farmers as a God of fulfilling the desires of devotees within no time.

 Visit of Malladi people to Tirumala Giri God:

Malladi village is 9 km away from Amaravathi of Guntur District. The residents of this village were pious, religiousminded and mild. They used to worship God daily. Once it so happened that Malladi had become the victim of Famine and draught. Not even grass (fodder) was available at that time. In this situation, a few inhabitants of Malladi driven the cattle to graze them near “Tirumalagiri” forest. Once an unknown disease attacked the cattle and then the villages prayed Lord Venkateswara to protect their cattle. As a result, the cattle were saved and also they became healthy.

From that day onwards, the inhabitants of Malladi developed faith on Tirumalagiri Venkateswara and started worshipping him every day. At the time of festivals and auspicious days, they used to visit Swami and get blessings; but…. River Krishna which was in between Malladi and Tirumalagiri, had became an obstacle for their free movements. They used to face a number of problems to cross the river. The villages started praying God Almighty with a request to settle down in their village. In response to their humble request, Sri Venkateswara appeared in a Banyan tree existed in the fields of Batthineni Bollaiah which was existing in Malladi village by the side of Amaravati Krosuru Road.

Story of Sacred Banyan Tree (Vata Vruksha)

Battineni Bollaiah, a great devotee of Shri Rama, used to write name of Rama a number of times. (Rama Koti) He planted a Banyan tree in his fields. The tree started growing day-by-day and many passers by (travlersby going on by foot by road) used to relax in its shadow.

Many of us are aware of terrible cyclone (typhoon) faced by Andhra Pradesh in 1976. Many people, including birds, animals etc. suffered a lot. Even the Tree, planted by Shri Bollaiah had become the victim of cyclone and got collapsed also. The R & B Dept. arranged bidding in auction in order to get the tree removed. The bidders got the tree cut into pieces. After cutting half of it, the workers left the remaining part as they could not cut it.

It was a shocking and surprising news to the inhabitants of Malladi when the half cut tree stood up in its bed by itself at 12.00 pm on 22nd January 1977 in Abhijit Langna. The people amazed when they found that the soil found by its side, covered the stem. (basis)

One Sri Tumaati Narasimhaiah, a farmer, who had an opportunity to witness the above amazing scene, shocked and was taken aback. Later, He rushed to village in order to inform the villagers about this.

In fact, a few Ladies and girls of that village had punakam (possession by Goddess) and said to villagers, as if Swami himself is informing, about his appearance in the Banyan tree and again He only made the tree to come to its original position. Also he ordered his devotees to serve him and get liberated.

The inhabitants of the in and around villages, after knowing the glory Swami came to that Banyan tree. They started praising Swami with a thousand mouths. Two more Neem trees too came up on either side of that Banyan tree as if they both are queens of the Lord.

The day i.e. 22nd Jan. 1977 is a festival day to all devotees especially to villagers of Malladi since Swami appeared in the Banyan tree. They used to offer prayers with high regard and devotion to Swami on that day every year on 22nd January. It is being conducted even today as “Chettu Tirunallu”. Many people who approached Swami with trust and devotion experienced a lot of change in their lives. Their desires were fulfilled and their diseases were cured.

A number of pilgrims from other States also are visiting this place daily. This temple is being developed day-by-day and transforming into Vaikuntam of course, many programmes are to be taken up with the co-operation of devotees.

 Details of Devotees, made sincere and serious for the development of this temple.

There are many many devotees who left no stone unturned to develop this temple. Among them were, initially started by Sri Tadikonda Subba Rao, and after him continued by Sri Tripuramallu Bulli Kotaiah and his son-in-law Sri Eluri Pardha saradhi garu native of Sattenapalli Guntur Dist. Sri Pardha Saradhi garu scarified his entirely life to serve Lord Venkayya swami…he started build the Temple and 80% of the work was completed by him only.The work was completed and Murthy Prathista was done by his wife and Founder Trustee Mrs. Eluri Mangayamma garu and sons. Sri Pardha saradhis daughter Sri Chittiprolu Vijaya Laxmi garu and son-in-law Dr. Ch. Jaganmohan Rao garu, Columbus USA Have extend their full co-operation in developing the temple.

And currently temple is maintaining by Founder Trustee Mrs.Eluri Mangayamma and Sons.

It is the desire of Villages that this development should be continued and its financial position should be more improved and it should turn up into a place that fulfills the desire of devotees.

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