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Sudarshana HOMA

Sri  Lakshmi Sudarshana Homam  

"Ever lasting (Eternal) Every Sunday Lakshi Sudarshana Homam"

Sudarshana Homam and Deity

Lord Sudarshana is the chief deity of this powerful homa who uses his mighty weapon  “ Chakra” to grant immediate relief to the suffering of his devotees also your sins are abolished by his grace.

Lord Sudarshana/Narayana is consider as the first step to be adopted in the concept of realization of God.

Specialty of Sudarshan homa :

“The Sudarshana chakra” contains healing characteristics, Therefore performance of Sudarshana homa relieves you from afflictions of fever and unknown health sufferings. This is appropriate Homa to perform to conquer your enemies and other evil eye casting. A legend has it that “ Sudarshana astakam helped recovering people of village stricken by the plague epidemic.

Doing this homam along with Sri Hari sathi “ Maha Lakshmi” is so great feeling and will help get blessings of Sri Maha Lakshmi.

Benefits of Sudarshana Homa

  • ·         Relief from sufferings caused by hostile    elements ,poision sorcery , thieves.
  • ·         Relief from unexplainable dieses and illness.


This effective Homa helps you to take charge of your enemies and to relieve you from unexplainable sufferings and worries. You can get empowered with positive vibes by performing this Homa. It also helps stop unforeseen dangers and perils from your pathway of success

                       Auspicious (Well-being)  “Lakshmi Sudarshana Homam” has been started in the year 2012 April 22nd  in this Malladi Venkatewara temple with the blessings of Lord Venkatesha with the Donations received from 630 devotees.

The Divine “Lakshi Sudarshana Homam” of Sri Bhoo sameta Venkateswara Swami is being celebrated from 22nd April  2012 till date on every Sunday from 9-00 am to 12-30 pm very grandly in a befitting manner. It is being organized under aegis of Pandit Sriman P. Srinivasacharya. And his team . Nakshatra Harathi will be offered to Lord Venktesa after Homa  in the midst of holy Govinda naamas. Later, Naryana Seva (free Annadaanam) will be done to all devotees.

  • Along with this 52 Sudarshana Homam’s Temple also performing “Ganapath”, “Chandi” and  “Rudra” homams.

Details of Lakshmi Sudarshana Homam:

The Homa  scheme of Sri Bhusametha Sri Venkateswara Swami is being implemented, on every Sunday since one year in this temple of Sri Malladi Venkatswara (52 Sundays) with Gotra, Names of Devotees.

After first year on words every year Homam will be organized one time permanently. The devotee couples can participate in these Lakshmi Sudarshana Homam. If it is not possible, Homa will be celebrated on their Gotra Names, and Prasadam will be mailed to their house addresses once in a month for one year in the 1st year and then once in a year.

Along with Prashad we also deliver Homa bhasmam and swami cotton kankanam  blessed by God SrimanNarayana and sri Lakshi maata.

Note: The amount received thro this scheme, will be deposited in banks in fixed Deposits and daily pujas and other temple activities will be conducted with the interest amount, received on this deposited amount.

We earnestly appeal all the devotees to extend their full co-operation to make this everlasting scheme as Everlasting (saswata)  Sudarshana Homa scheme commenced with the divine blessings of Sri Swamivaru.

If you wish to Participate in  this:

"Everlasting (Saswatha) Lakshmi Sudarshana Homam pathakam" (Scheme)


One Year Homam ( 52 Homams)

$ 250

One day Homam

$ 51


For further details , Contact :

Srinivasa Eluri : 469-463-7791 ( USA)

Or Email at  :

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